North Star House

North Star House was one of Julia Morgan’s first commissions. Located in Grass Valley

The North Star House, formerly known as Foote Mansion was Julia Morgan’s first significant, large scale residential project, built in 1905 by Arthur Foote, a superintendent of the North Star Mine.

The North Star Mine was the second largest producer of gold during the California gold rush and Walter Foote and his wife Mary decided they needed a home to entertain the investors, dignitaries and celebrities that were coming to the gold country. The house is 18,000 square feet with 22 rooms and it cost $23,000 to construct in 1905.

While living in the house Mary Foote wrote her lifetime memories which form her published memoirs, titled, A Victorian Gentlewoman in the Far West. The North Star House also became the setting for the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Angle of Repose, which related directly to the writings of Mary Foote and held many passages from her.

North Star House

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